Creating your Mindbody Credentials

Below is a segment of Devin Crossman’s great tutorial that got me started on the MindBody API. This is the section that explains how you have to create your settings within the MZ_MindBody_API plugin AND within Mindbody in order for the plugin to work.

Whether this is your first time developing with an API or not, you might have some trouble when you want to begin interacting with your MINDBODY data. I have created a simple guide will help you understand how the MINDBODY API works and how you can incorporate your MINDBODY business data on your own website using PHP.

How to prepare

You will need to have a web server running PHP with the SOAP extension installed and enabled. This can be a local development server setup (MAMP, WAMP) or an online server such as Digital Ocean who offer easy to manage VPS starting at $5/month.

Get your MINDBODY API credentials

Before you can start integrating your MINDBODY data you will need credentials to access the MINDBODY API. If you are just developing for a single business, follow the steps below. If you want to access the data for more than one business you will need to contact MINDBODY directly for this information.

  1. Complete the sign up form at the MINDBODY Partner Program website and write down your sourcename and key.
  2. This next step can be tricky. You have to make a call to the SiteService on the MINDBODY SOAP server to get an activation code. You can use the convenient form created by Devin Crossman, or log in to the Mindbody developer site and use their tool. You need the sourcename and key that you wrote down in the first step as well as your site id. If you don’t know what your site id is, log in to your MINDBODY account and check the URL. Your site id comes after “?studioid=” at the end of the URL.
  3. Give the activation link and code to the person with the ‘owner’ account for the MINDBODY site you want to access the data of.

Some API methods require user credentials as well. Set up a user for your application by following these steps.

  1. Log in to MINDBODY
  2. Go to Toolbox -> Setup -> Staff -> Staff Management
  3. Click Add New Staff MemberAdd New Staff Member
  4. Enter something for the first and last name. I used first name “web” last name “developer”.
  5. Create a staff login with a new username and password and write these down.MINDBODY create staff log in
  6. Save your new staff member.

Then you will have to generate an activation code, for which devin has also made a super-useful tool, located here.

6 responses to “Creating your Mindbody Credentials

  1. Hi!
    Thanks for your plugin. I’m trying to use it, however I cant figure out how to get the activation code. Can you please help me with that?

    Thank you!

  2. hi sir,

    may i ask whats wrong with the setup, it says permission denied Permission denied.


    1. Paul – if this is a legitimate non-spam comment, can you please be more specific about the process that got you to this point?

  3. Hi, this looks great. But it’s my understanding that only certain MB accounts (the more expensive ones) will have access to the MB API. Can you confirm that your plugin/methods will work with even the most basic MB account levels? (I realize this post is a couple years old and maybe the MB stuff has changed). Thank you!

    1. Hi Jon. As far as I know this works with the most basic level of MBO account, however they now charge the developer account $5 per month per location (nice!) which they didn’t used to do. I’ve never heard about any minimum level of MBO account being required.

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