Developing WordPress Total Child Theme in Docker

First significant challenge is that archive pages aren’t working. Am I missing a setting somewhere? Figured I would install the Base-Lite demo, but server kept timing out. Need to increase limits in the container: Add this uploads.ini file in top level of WP in host computer. file_uploads = On memory_limit = 64M upload_max_filesize = 64M … Continued

Installing 12 year old php script on Ubuntu

This is a temporary measure. Old server went away and we needed at least a virtual private server. Installing MySQL and Apache were a couple of apt-get commands. This codebase only runs on php5.x, which isn’t supported anymore. So needed to add this new apt repository which supports legacy php versions. Found this install solution: … Continued

Adding Unit Tests for Mindbody API

The mz-mindbody-api wordpress plugin has grown over the years and it’s getting difficult to keep track of all the various parameters and features. It’s probably ready for a refactoring, but in the meantime, I aim to get some phpunit tests installed. I’ve been using MAMP a lot for development and wanting to move toward a … Continued

Find Giant Files on OSX

Find all files on system 100Megabytes and up src: find / -xdev -type f -size +100M 20 largest files or dirs: du -ax / | sort -rn | head -20 Current dir only: du -ax . | sort -rn | head -20Find all files on system 100Megabytes and up

Font Explorations with XeLaTeX

Troubleshooting some typographical issues with the typographical package LaTeX, came across a couple of commands of note: Get information about a font: otfinfo -i ‘/Users/mikekilmer/Library/Fonts/Palatino Small Caps & Old Style Figures.ttf’ Reset Font Info Cache files: fc-cache – build font information cache files SYNOPSIS fc-cache [ -frsvVh ] [ –force ] [ –really-force ] [ … Continued

Installing Python 3.7 on Linode Server

This has been fun. I installed a “bleeding edge” version of Python (3.7) on the server we’re running Glitch on and it’s been ah… fun? Forget what exactly I did, but one of the mistakes with “symlinking” the new python version. It was a mess. Ended up restoring a backup and starting over. It’s been … Continued

Porting from Echonest with Amen

While poking around in Vamp Plugins, I decided to make another quick internet search and found a new replacement for EchoNest Remix! It’s called Amen, after the ubiquitous Amen Break. Back to holes in our codebase left by Echonest. File “fore/”, line 41, in render_track track2 = audio.LocalAudioFile(‘instrumentals/’+file2) Start the server again: sudo python -m … Continued

Audio Analysis with Python and Vamp

Feeling optimistic about Aubio, via Sonic Annotator returning useful — if not all the details we need — to replace the Echonest Analysis API in our Infinite Glitch project. So we may not need to roll our own Vamp plugin and the fact that Sonic Annotator isn’t seeing the Vampy plugins on OS X Yosemite … Continued

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