Analyzing Objects in Python

There’s a built-in Python function called vars that can be useful in analyzing a Python object. Just as running dir(the_object) returns a listing of all of the attributes of an object, including it’s methods, the following code, will return key/value … Continued

Debugging in OpenCart, MVC, JSON, Ajax

The primitive way of debugging php code often consists of combining checking the php error log and writing results out to the browser. But in OpenCart there are many cases where neither of the above approaches will work because OpenCart … Continued

Performance Analysis in Python

The following link is to a tutorial by Huy Nguyen which been a valuable resource in analyzing python scripts for speed and memory usage in setting benchmarks, profiling and discovering performance bottlenecks: Performance Analysis in Python

EchoNest Explorations

Working on a pretty amazing site for Chris Bulter’s Major Glitch project in which the longest pop song in the world is to be interactively re-asselbled and made even longer through collective development. Henry Lowengard turned us on to EchoNest, … Continued