Backing Up Trellis Site to AWS s3 Bucket

As a freshman in University, I’m still flying by the seat of my pants. Backing up website database and files to Amazon s3 as Ben Word does seems like a more interesting approach than using a service like Updraft Plus, Jetpack or Infinite WP, so I’m giving it a go. Beginning with Ben’s configuration … Continued

Ansible Couldn’t Connect to the Database

Trellis, as of sometime in 2016, simplified the way users it generates the MySQL database and user: USER will be named example_com DATABASE will be named example_com_environment If you, as I had done, end up changing site name in one place or another you may get a message that Ansible couldn’t connect to the database, … Continued

Include a Font in a WordPress Shortcode

Our style sheet was making a call to @import url(‘′); for styling the typeface for a single shortcode generated banner. First tried just putting the @import statement between <style></style> tags, but this was ineffective. Fortunately Stack Overflow had a link to this awesome article by Stephen Scaff illustrating how to use Font Squirrel’s Webfont Generater … Continued

Migrating to New WP

There is a pretty old, rickety WP site that I want to migrate some data from to a new WP install. There are “instructors” who are “pages” with a parent page. There are a couple of free/commercial plugins: WP ALL EXPORT and WP ALL IMPORT, but they really want you to pay $99 each, if … Continued

Adventures in Ansible and Vagrant with Trellis

Was getting some frequent nginx failures on local dev. Having to reload the vagrant box. Gets old. Already ran vagrant destroy and reimported all the WP data once tonight. We were using a dot dev domain, which I was recently told is soon to break modern browsers, and the the Roots discourse, someone suggested the … Continued