A Fresh OSX

zsh compinit: insecure directories, run compaudit for list.
Ignore insecure directories and continue [y] or abort compinit [n]?


Lilypond https://lilypond.org/macos-x.html

Native Instruments


~/Library/Application Support



fatal: cannot run /usr/local/bin/gpg: No such file or directory

Don’t remember exactly how I solved this one. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/36941533/git-hub-desktop-on-mac-error-cannot-run-gpg-no-such-file-or-directory

LastPass password manager

Postgres https://stackoverflow.com/a/7975502/2223106

ps auxwww | grep postgres

For me looks like /usr/local/opt/postgresql/bin/postgres

Perhaps from https://stackoverflow.com/a/18581276/2223106

pg_ctl status

In my .dotfiles I have:

/Users/mikekilmer/.dotfiles/Brewfile:brew "postgresql", restart_service: true
/Users/mikekilmer/.dotfiles/Brewfile:brew "postgresql@11"
/Users/mikekilmer/.dotfiles/Brewfile:brew "postgresql@12"

These commands:

brew services start postgresql
brew services stop postgresql
brew services restart postgresql
brew services list | grep postgres

The last one tells me it’s not running, so I start it: brew services start postgresql, which starts v11. Then create a database: createdb somedatabase.

I wonder if my former databases are around on a backup.

psql (13.3, server 11.12)
Type "help" for help.

mikekilmer=# show data_directory;
(1 row)

Logic and other audio plugins store some data in the ~/Music directory.

Native Instruments Settings.