Swapon, fstab and swapfile on Linux

Resuorces: https://linuxhandbook.com/increase-swap-ubuntu, https://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/linux-add-a-swap-file-howto/, https://www.techwalla.com/articles/how-to-increase-virtual-memory-in-linux First thing is see how much memory we have to play with: How big is the current swapfile? To double that, to around a gig: Permissions: Setup Swap area: Now enable it: Now update the fstab file so it loads on restart: Check it: You can also turn one off:

Windows Base Box for Elliptical Machine Interface

Client has a Windows 10 computer which we are already running a Python script on, which writes out a file containing Spotify playlists for Elliptical machine sessions. Now we want to also display the data from the Keiser Elliptical machines: one machine initially, ultimately more than one. First step, create a Windows Guest box on … Continued

Spotify vMix Integration

The quickstart: https://developer.spotify.com/documentation/web-api/quick-start/ Create the App: https://developer.spotify.com/documentation/general/guides/app-settings/#register-your-app Our apps: https://www.spotify.com/us/account/apps/ Well that codebase is outdated, but it was a good intro. Also tested some Curl requests, which you can generate via their console. I think that this Python library, Spotipy will be our tool of choice. It’s open source on GitHub. Here’s our endpoint reference: … Continued

Git Mergetool

Spent a while the other day trying to figure out what to use for a Git Diff and Git Merge tool. Settled on Kdiff3. With this install approach: From Stack Overflow. And also from SO, the config: To ~/.git/config add: Now $ git mergetool brings up a useful dialogue. I had tried Beyond Compare as … Continued

Installing SOAP in Docker Container

This WP plugin interfaces with an old SOAP-based API. Developing with a Docker Compose WordPress library by Chris Zarate. Steps to install SOAP extension: docker-compose exec wordpress bash (get in the guest server) php –ini (find php.ini files) cp /usr/local/etc/php/php.ini-development /usr/local/etc/php/php.ini (in this case there wasn’t one) apt-get update && apt-get install vim (to edit) … Continued

Slow Python Site, Available Entropy Stats

Infinite Glitch is running insanely slowly, like taking 20 seconds to load! I went back to some early git commits to see if perhaps I could track down the source of a bottleneck. Chris said it might be a corrupted drive or lack of available entropy. I had to remind myself that entropy means the … Continued

Git Cherry-pick Deleted Files

At some point I had foolishly added node_modules directory and needed to remove those files from the repo. This was a matter of: Add node_modules/ to top level repository directory .gitignore and then ran git rm -r –cached ../example.com/web/app/themes/custom-theme/node_modules Then I had a couple of other branches I wanted to add only that change to … Continued

Rename WP DB Prefix

Wanted to change wp database prefix on a couple of sites following importing data with WP Migrate DB Pro. First delete the initial tables: Then rename the imported ones Now update entries in user_options table: Lastly update entries in user_meta table:

Cleaning Up an old WP Database

Come across this old post. Install the WP-DBManager plugin by Lester Chan Check last time table was used: Compile a list, on the staging server, first of tables that we don’t seem to still be using: Thank you SO for one liner to remove woocommerce tables

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