Multiple Column Responsive CSS – single or multiple text/data segments

A client wants a multiple column (responsive, of course, and three in this case) front page on a wordpress website. Not sure if this will best be achieved on a per-post basis or with a template. We also haven’t chosen a theme yet.

Came across a little post about it within a blog that also offers this article called Is Responsive Web Design Important. The Three column approach article states that, “This new 3 column design displays all columns on the largest screens as equal widths. As the screen gets smaller it will move the sidebar (third column) under the other two columns.  Instead of removing the sidebar (third column) from the smallest screen I displayed all 3 columns on top of one another.”

It can also be useful to display a single section of text in one or more columns as described in this article. check out the very sweet example toward the bottom of the page. He begins: ”

Multiple columns are a great way to make better use of your content canvas area, especially for the breakpoints at the larger viewports.

Working on a mobile first approach to responsive design you will often define the layout of the content in a linear format and then, as you add in additional breakpoints for the larger viewports, you can simply add in the multiple columns as shown in the example below…”