Php vs Python?

After following the Wolf Paulus tutorial and removing python 2.7 and installing python 3.4, Fetch (the FTP program) wouldn’t start with an error in the Console about “Carbon”, so had to download more recent version of Python V2.7 and reset the links (shortcuts?).

Also Git was failing with error:

error: Malformed value for push.default: simple

, for which the solution seems to have been to run in terminal:

git config --global push.default matching

(in the “command line” terminal).

Answer to a couple of Python config issues:

  1. Check your /usr/bin and /usr/local/bin for easy_install installations and remove any old script:sudo rm /usr/bin/easy_install*sudo rm /usr/local/bin/easy_install*
  2. Download and run distribute:curl -O python distribute_setup.pysudo rm
  3. Try again, and enjoy. E.g.:sudo easy_install pip

Thanks to stackoverflow.

Will egg error on pip Remix be an issue?

Tried Easy_Install, got: ImportError: No module named numpy…

Gots to have the Ports working – also code here for installs latest Numpy and other packages. Python. Nice. It’s a post from an Astronomer.

Still wondering if I will need to install all of Xcode or if just the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) will be sufficient.

Hmmm. “pydoc file” is returning, “bad interpreter. no such file or directory.” There’s a workaround by calling it like “python -m pydoc file”. I’m not sure exactly how the links work in terms of something like,

sudo ln -s /System/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/2.7/bin/pydoc /usr/bin/pydoc

– which one is linking to which? pydoc exists in the /usr/bin/ (as do pydoc2.5 and pydoc 2.6) and I’m using version 2.7.

Just in case something’s missing, link here to download python framework.

Difference between a list and a tuple in python.