Search all WordPress Database for String

Checking all wp_posts for a specific string: SELECT id, post_title, post_status, post_type, SUBSTR(post_content, LOCATE(‘your search string’, post_content) -1, 100) FROM wp_posts WHERE locate(‘your search string’, post_content) > 0

System Cron, Crontab, Cron Service, WordPress, Oh My

Client needs to automatically import data from a Google spreadsheet into a Custom Post Type. I wrote up a quick (largely borrowed) python script to convert to Google Spreadsheet to a CSV file with the desired headers. Found this pro plugin from Smackcoders called WP CSV Import Pro, which can run the CSV to CPT … Continued

Backing Up Trellis Site to AWS s3 Bucket

As a freshman in University, I’m still flying by the seat of my pants. Backing up website database and files to Amazon s3 as Ben Word does seems like a more interesting approach than using a service like Updraft Plus, Jetpack or Infinite WP, so I’m giving it a go. Beginning with Ben’s configuration … Continued

Ansible Couldn’t Connect to the Database

Trellis, as of sometime in 2016, simplified the way users it generates the MySQL database and user: USER will be named example_com DATABASE will be named example_com_environment If you, as I had done, end up changing site name in one place or another you may get a message that Ansible couldn’t connect to the database, … Continued

Include a Font in a WordPress Shortcode

Our style sheet was making a call to @import url(‘′); for styling the typeface for a single shortcode generated banner. First tried just putting the @import statement between <style></style> tags, but this was ineffective. Fortunately Stack Overflow had a link to this awesome article by Stephen Scaff illustrating how to use Font Squirrel’s Webfont Generater … Continued

Migrating to New WP

There is a pretty old, rickety WP site that I want to migrate some data from to a new WP install. There are “instructors” who are “pages” with a parent page. There are a couple of free/commercial plugins: WP ALL EXPORT and WP ALL IMPORT, but they really want you to pay $99 each, if … Continued