Suggestions for Mindbody WordPress Plugin

Got some suggestions for potential features on the mindbody wordpress plugin, so using this post to take note of them (for now):

1- Filter the schedule by classes (If the client is looking for just Yoga sessions, he could choose from a dropdown and have a much clearer look at the schedule)
2- TRANSLATION! Please! Not all my clients speak english 🙁 I could of course translate the code myself, but I think most people would benefit for different languages.
3- AJAX – since it takes a few seconds to retrieve data from mindbody API, the webpage takes a few seconds to load. So if the rest of the page was loaded before the schedule, the user would have an improved feel of the page loading speed.
4- Some way to filter the schedule server side – for example, if I want to show only “Yoga” schedule on my Yoga page, I could show it separetely from my “Crossfit” schedule.
5- Multi location support! We’re about the start a second business, and I dont know how to deal with your plugin in that case to show schedules from different locations (since its the same mindbody ID).

6. I saw on the docs, they say that before there used to be somewhere in the mindbody menu where I get these codes. Now, they say I have to make this API call to authenticate.
About activating, it says: Accessing live site data

To access site data, you’ll need to use the getactivationcode call to retrieve a site-specific activation code.

Once you generate this activation code, you’ll need to provide it to the owner of the business you’d like to work with.
Only the owner of the business has permission to link your activation code with his or her site.

So, if I may give another suggestion, it is to make this call from the plugin configuration page 🙂