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URU | Yoga & Beyond
URU | Yoga & Beyond
Was thrilled to be asked to develop the website for URU | Yoga & Beyond here in Pensacola, which included a custom Mindbody API integration wordpress widget, which pulls the staff images and biographies directly from the MBO database. The API widget owes most of it’s development to this Devin Crossman coding tutorial, combined with some coding developed by Ben Hollis.

Used the awesome new responsive twenty thirteen theme as the basis for the design and am just discovering the joys and wonders of custom post types, where you have a half dozen different designs depending on what specifically one is posting.

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  1. Be sure to check the comments in the Devin Crossman tutorial if you will be attempting to implement this, as some of the code has had to be updated.

  2. looking for widgets to integrate MINDBODY’s online appointment, contact us form, and online registration form with our new website. The website is on WordPress now but will migrate to Hubspot soon.

    Please let me know if you have already developed these widgets and what is the cost.


  3. How is this going for you? Very interested in this plugin as we need to not want to do duplicate data entry on MBO and WordPress….

    1. Hi Dawid.
      A few people have asked about the plugin and I’ve done a little more development. I will email you to see if your specific needs fit my point of development. -mike

  4. hi, we need this as well. we have a wordpress site, use mindbody online — and would love to buy this! please contact me!

  5. Hi there,

    I’d love to see what you’ve developed. I’m working on a site for a donation-only yoga studio, so they don’t really have the $240/year for HealCode.


  6. Hi Mike, I found your api and would love to implement it if I can afford it.
    Please let me know about the details.
    Best regards from Austria, Eva

  7. Working on a site and trying to work with your code. For some reason my page shows up blank when making a call to the API. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    1. Hi Ryan. There are log files for apache and php that will probably offer some insight as to the errors. Who is our web host? Ask them about error file locations.

  8. Hey! This is super helpful. Am very new to API so would love to see what you’ve developed as well. Definitely don’t have the budget for the healcode but am happy to purchase a template if I can afford it. Just looking to add a widget that draws all the MBP schedules.


  9. Hi Mike, Also interested in your plugin/widget…am also looking to integrate the MindBody schedule into my yoga site. Please keep me in the loop. Thanks!

  10. Hi Mike,

    Wondering how did you get to customize the colors in the MindBodyOnline store itself. It generally comes with standard blue, but you have beige color. Cant figure out where to do that.

    Thank you in advance,

    1. I’m not sure exactly what you mean. can you post a link to the actual page you want changed?

  11. Hi Mike, how is development coming along? I have been trying to work with the mindbody API on a wordpress site to no avail. I’d like to integrate a view of just today’s schedule on the home page. Is that something your plugin will be able to do?


    1. Hi Michael. Cool idea. It’s coming along well. For now that would be something I need to make an adaptation for, but it’s very do-able. I haven’t totally determined what elements will be configurable from the admin side yet.

  12. Just leaving a comment to receive notice when this plugin is complete. Happy to help contribute if you need it. Thanks!!

  13. Hello! I am very interested if this API can work on my website. I would like to pull the classes directly from MBO. Also would like to know about pricing. Please email me. Thanks!

  14. We would be interested in trying out your beta version also. It sounds like it may be an alternative to paying healcode monthly fees.

  15. Hey Mike, are you still testing this in Beta? I’m very interested in this as I have a client that uses Mindbody, but would rather not pay the monthly healcode fee just for the scheduling. Thanks.

  16. Hi Mike,

    I have developed a site through Mindbody and i need to be able to access data from several class provider schedules rather than one. Mindbody’s partner Healcode allows me to do so in one location only but i was told i would need a web developer to make a widget for the Mindbody API sandbox so i can then access several class providers (locations).

    Any help would be great,

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