The Bug Genie

I think this is my first extended experience with bug tracking. The Bug Genie, written in php.

For some reason, twice, my admin password has been reset, changed or somehow deleted.

Resetting it isn’t the usual phpadmin/wordpress approach ’cause it’s not hashed in MD5. Sha, maybe.

Anyway there, luckily was a post in the Bug Genie forums.

You open one of the php files that will run on the login page load, for example, modules/main/classes/actions.class.php, and add the following code inside the runIndex method:

* @param TBGRequest $request
public function runIndex(TBGRequest $request)
$user = new TBGUser(1); // 1 is the user id, you'll need to find this in the database(1 is usually the admin)

The database config is located at: /core/