mZ Mindbody API V2.0 released

This feels like the first major release of the free Mindbody wordpress interface in quite a while. Possibly the most significant change comes out of the body of work, specifically the Sage starter theme workflow.

Where the first series of releases of the plugin included the Bootstrap framework as a dependency, taking a cue (and structural outline) from Sage, this version utilizes Gulp, Bower and Austin Pray’s Asset Builder to include only the specific components of a library necessary for the functioning of the plugin. So there will be fewer instances of conflict between plugin and themes.

Also based on Sage: as opposed to loading multiple css and javascript files for each component, this workflow compiles various markup and script files together, minimizing the number of communications between server and browser.

The plugin is also internationalized and we already have translations in Español y Portuguese.

As far as features, there are a few additions:

  • Sign-up for MBO account from WP site
  • Add a jQuery filter so user can limit schedule view based on teacher, class type, time of day
  • Option to display calendar as seven day grid, as opposed to horizontal list
  • Display info from multiple distinct MBO accounts
  • Display classes and events from distinct MBO locations
  • If classes are cancelled but still set to SHOW on Mindbody, they will be listed as cancelled
  • Configure cycle length for which to display events

icon-256x256Lastly and fairly insignificantly, my five year old, Rinah and I made a little icon for the mZ Mindbody API.

The CEO of HealCode reached out to Rob Taylor and I fairly aggressively a few months ago hoping we would stop giving away a service so similar to what he is selling. Rob had no interest whatsoever in his offer. I was intrigued, but felt a little sleazy about the concept of being paid to stop doing work that helps people. In the end, I’m really enjoying this project and the international (intergalactic?) connections it’s been bringing.