Slow Python Site, Available Entropy Stats

Infinite Glitch is running insanely slowly, like taking 20 seconds to load! I went back to some early git commits to see if perhaps I could track down the source of a bottleneck. Chris said it might be a corrupted drive or lack of available entropy. I had to remind myself that entropy means the … Continued

Git Cherry-pick Deleted Files

At some point I had foolishly added node_modules directory and needed to remove those files from the repo. This was a matter of: Add node_modules/ to top level repository directory .gitignore and then ran git rm -r –cached ../ Then I had a couple of other branches I wanted to add only that change to … Continued

Rename WP DB Prefix

Wanted to change wp database prefix on a couple of sites following importing data with WP Migrate DB Pro. First delete the initial tables: Then rename the imported ones Now update entries in user_options table: Lastly update entries in user_meta table:

Cleaning Up an old WP Database

Come across this old post. Install the WP-DBManager plugin by Lester Chan Check last time table was used: Compile a list, on the staging server, first of tables that we don’t seem to still be using: Thank you SO for one liner to remove woocommerce tables

Free Purgable Space

Found a good little article on clearing up “purgable space” on OSX Drive. One drives which will unmount there is this useful command: diskutil secureErase freespace 0 / Supposedly after running this command and restarting the computer, the purgable space will have been purged. I ended up not being registered in Disc Doctor right away … Continued

2019 Google SMPT Interaction

To enable a third party app to use a google account’s SMPT credentials to send mail: Use these settings: Gmail SMTP server address: Gmail SMTP username: Your Gmail address (for example, Gmail SMTP password: Your Gmail password Gmail SMTP port (TLS): 587 Gmail SMTP port (SSL): 465 Gmail SMTP TLS/SSL required: Yes May … Continued

Google Webfont Tools

Google Webfonts Helper is great. It generates the CSS and also downloads and generates various versions of the font for you. This command line and api option, Google Font Installer is also pretty cool. You can even install it on your computer.

Valet+ 500 Error Bricked PHP, pecl extension troubles apcu, apc

Starts with a 500 nginx error, three days ago, when settling down to do a quick update to a wordpress theme. What have I learned or clarified so far? Valet is a lightweight Mac development environment for Laravel, which is a php framework based on the model–view–controller application approach. Valet+ is a fork of Valet … Continued