Installing Python 3.7 on Linode Server

This has been fun. I installed a “bleeding edge” version of Python (3.7) on the server we’re running Glitch on and it’s been ah… fun? Forget what exactly I did, but one of the mistakes with “symlinking” the new python version. It was a mess. Ended up restoring a backup and starting over. It’s been … Continued

Porting from Echonest with Amen

While poking around in Vamp Plugins, I decided to make another quick internet search and found a new replacement for EchoNest Remix! It’s called Amen, after the ubiquitous Amen Break. Back to holes in our codebase left by Echonest. File “fore/”, line 41, in render_track track2 = audio.LocalAudioFile(‘instrumentals/’+file2) Start the server again: sudo python -m … Continued

Audio Analysis with Python and Vamp

Feeling optimistic about Aubio, via Sonic Annotator returning useful — if not all the details we need — to replace the Echonest Analysis API in our Infinite Glitch project. So we may not need to roll our own Vamp plugin and the fact that Sonic Annotator isn’t seeing the Vampy plugins on OS X Yosemite … Continued

Crack this Glitch Open Again

Blowing the dust of the Infinite Glitch codebase again. It’s been a long time and I’ve been spending most of the programming time in php, javascript, jQuery, Sass-land. Back to lovely Python again and it seems last time I was developing this Codebase it was with Docker as opposed to VirtualEnv. Hmmm. Basic Docker commands. … Continued

Playing with HUGO Static Site Generator

Working on a static site with a new client and first hurdle was that on the local DEV server, firefox wasn’t loading the files from CDN due to CORS settings. Got around this with a Firefox extension: It’s disabled by default and to enable it you need to add a button to your Firefox … Continued

Getting started with Docker for Mac

EchoNest sold out to Spotify and closed down their API. Now InfiniteGlitch doesn’t have a process for analyzing MP3s to reassemble them. Peter Sobot hipped me to a QM Vamp Plugin which it looks like will give us the data we need without leaving the comfort of our own server. I’ve been working in a … Continued

Upgrading Let’s Encrypt – now Known as Certbot

First of all Electronic Frontier Foundation are the original cyberpunk revolutionary organization as far as my ignorant ass is concerned. Anyway for Open Food Foundation, we used their Python Let’s Encrypt library to install a free security certificate. The certificates need to be renewed every few months (3, 6?). Well when I finally tracked down … Continued

Gulp!?!? Error: EACCES?!?!? Why won’t NPM work in this directory?

Tried to run Gulp from an external drive. Actually running locally on a Volume mounted from our QNAP NAS storage system. Errors! Moved it to the main drive. Still errors: $ gulp [11:31:09] Using gulpfile ~/Documents/you-are-here/gulpfile.js [11:31:09] Starting ‘clean’… [11:31:09] ‘clean’ errored after 11 ms [11:31:09] Error: EACCES, rmdir ‘/Users/mikekilmer/Documents/hhharmony/dist/images’ at Error (native) People are … Continued