Font Explorations with XeLaTeX

Troubleshooting some typographical issues with the typographical package LaTeX, came across a couple of commands of note:

Get information about a font:

otfinfo -i '/Users/mikekilmer/Library/Fonts/Palatino Small Caps & Old Style Figures.ttf'

Reset Font Info Cache files:

fc-cache - build font information cache files

       fc-cache  [ -frsvVh ]  [ --force ]  [ --really-force ]  [ --system-only
       ]  [ --verbose ]  [ --version ]  [ --help ]  [ dir... ]

       fc-cache scans the font directories  on  the  system  and  builds  font
       information  cache  files  for  applications using fontconfig for their
       font handling.

       If directory arguments are not given, fc-cache uses each  directory  in
       the  current  font  configuration.  Each  directory is scanned for font
       files readable by FreeType. A cache is created which  contains  proper-
       ties  of  each font and the associated filename.  This cache is used to
       speed up application startup when using the fontconfig library.

       Note that fc-cache must be executed once per architecture  to  generate
       font information customized for that architecture.

List all available fonts:


More info:

otfinfo -f /Users/mikekilmer/Library/Fonts/texgyrepagella-regular.otf
aalt    Access All Alternates
c2sc    Small Capitals From Capitals
cpsp    Capital Spacing
dlig    Discretionary Ligatures
frac    Fractions
kern    Kerning
liga    Standard Ligatures
lnum    Lining Figures
onum    Oldstyle Figures
pnum    Proportional Figures
salt    Stylistic Alternates
size    Optical Size
smcp    Small Capitals
ss01    Stylistic Set 1
ss02    Stylistic Set 2
ss03    Stylistic Set 3
ss04    Stylistic Set 4
tnum    Tabular Figures
zero    Slashed Zero

Also verbose output of Tex:

xelatex -output-driver="xdvipdfmx -vv" somefile.tex